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How Can Musicians Make Money ??

There are multiple ways musicians can make money online.  The KEY is to be creative and find what your customer needs are.  

Using platforms like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and MORE, will help in getting the exposure and traffic you need to promote yourself, and or your products. 

Let's face it....The music industry isn't always lucrative in supporting their musicians and artists. Find a way to use your webpage to make money while you sleep.   While doing so you can build your Fan Page, offer great advice and information about the music world.

Every musician should have a blog or a website.  Blogging gives you an opportunity to share your experiences while interacting the community.  You can Learn How to Blog HERE.  Share what you've learned along the way and talk about the products you use.   There are so many musicians/artists that need your valuable input and experience.

While providing helpful information you can EARN money.  The KEY is to get in those search engines !  Especially GOOGLE.  If people can't find YOU, they will look elsewhere.

LEARN how to use Google so that when someone searches for a specific musician, they find YOU !

Whether you display a banner on your site or link to a music product, why not make money online ?   There are many affiliate programs and its FREE to join most programs.  You can learn how to promote products here at one of the Largest Affliate Programs around. 

Don't  be a starving musician !!  Learn how to create ways for residual income. opportunities.  Sell your Tee shirts, CD's and MP3 files, but there is much more.  Start by sharing your expertise and see how popular you will become.  Check out this great article on The DIY Musician website called  "101 Ways to Make Money As A Musician".  Learn how Internet marketing works.   There is a system... and you must have a PLAN. Get started by reading this BLOG.   It provides GREAT information that people are actually paying for right now.  


Heard of Cocktail Drums Sets ?

Learn how these unique drum sets are gaining popularity as being compact and easy to set up, as well as giving the drummer a unique edge on stage. Learn More about this cool kit.  Shop on Amazon and Ebay for these unique kits. Ezine Article Review.   Wordpress article

Online Music Store ?

Musician love to touch and feel their instruments before buying, but Online Music Stores are offering better incentives and deals to get musicians to purchase online. Musician's Friend has been around for years and guarantee's LOW PRICES as well as offering the popular STUPID DEAL OF THE DAY !

Need Customized Shirts for Your Band ?

CafePress has products you will love.  From Tee Shirts to cups, CafePress can put your logo or band on many customized products.  Sell your items at concerts or help promote your band with GIVEAWAYS.  Prices are reasonable and best of all....YOU CAN MARKET YOURSELF EFFECTIVELY !!

ZildJian Gen16 AE Cymbals Can Light Up The Stage !

MY REVIEW of the GEN16 AE ZildJian Cymbals

I love the Zildjian Gen 16 cymbals !!, May 13, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Zildjian GEN16 Acoustic-Electric Cymbal Splash & Pickup System 12 inch

I am not only impressed with the way these cymbals look but was also impressed with the sound. You are able to change the sound to what is suitable for you. The feel is a little different, but I was able to quickly adapt. Having cymbals that light up, especially for big shows or concerts is the BEST !!! They were easy to set up and the module settings were easy to understand. Great JOB Zildjian !!